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Vic Mensa: The Autobiography

I had high expectations going into the listening of this album. I mean, let me be real – Vic’s song “New Bae” is one of my jams! So pressing play and riding through the playlist I expected an album stock full of the singy songy New Bae-type shit that got me intrigued in the first place.

Instead, I got something totally different.

And before you assume the worst, I didn’t think it was necessarily wack. I just think that after seeing the potential Vic has and a musical formula that has worked for him, the choice to take this particular musical direction is quite surprising.

Imagine a basketball star. Imagine that basketball star being very good at what he or she does. Now imagine that basketball star becoming so huge that they are able to leverage their stardom to do something they always wanted to do: a Rap album.

That’s what The Autobiography sounds like. It sounds like a star ball player that decided to dabble in Rap. It’s an Allen Iverson album. It’s Kobe Bryant’s Visions. It’s a 2017 version “You Can’t Stop The Reign” by Shaq.

And I don’t mean to be harsh, so I do apologize if I sound that way , but the album was kinda sort of a letdown.

I appreciate Vic’s efforts to address things that clearly bother him. The Autobiograpy definitely is a autobiography. And anyone familiar with inner-city will be able to relate. But just know that there’s very little that is New Baeish about this project. You won’t love it, but you won’t hate it either. So for that reason, I give it a solid 3.5 mics.

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