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Tyler, The Creator Coming Out Means Hip Hop For Another 400 Years

Tyler, The Creator is one of this generation’s new creative geniuses.  He isn’t so much vested in the traditional Rap limelight of money, champagne, and sex as he is focused on keeping the creative flame lit. The creator is simply here to create.

Which is why he is the future of our culture.

Odd Future if you let him tell it.

And being that future, it’s important that he and many other of the new kids on the block lead Hip Hop from a genuine perspective. That’s why his coming out is so important. It means Hip Hop culture as we know it will continue to exist for another 400 years.


Well. Hip Hop has been under pressure lately. Pressure to catch up with the times.  Pressure to rid itself of misogyny. The pressure of homophobia mounting. Social inclusion is the narrative this generation is empowered by. And while older heads still have quite a bit of say at the top of the culture, their stubborn ways have weighed the culture down – and the youth are breaking free.

We always knew Rap had Gay rappers. But the overzealous masculinity in Rap suppressed it. Nobody ever felt free enough to come out. Until now.

I remember reading an interview some years ago about how Tyler shot down much of the homophobic reactions that people leaned on. And while speeches and commentary are great and needed, I’ve always been an action person. Hip Hop needed someone to just do it and be the example. And Ty did it. Kinda.

Tyler isn’t the first. He won’t be the last. But he is the one that will open the gates that will finally wash away Hip Hop’s dirty little secret.

One day, we’ll finally get to a point where there won’t be a closet to come out of. There won’t be a need to announce to the world your sexual preference. But for now, it’s necessary. The world is so heteronormative that people need to continue show and prove that heteronormativity isn’t necessarily “normal.”

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