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Tasha Is A Person…Not An Emotional Band-Aid


I’m 38 years old.

And after living so many years on this Earth, I realized that the best way to communicate with other people is to simply say exactly what it is you are thinking. By doing so, you eliminate the chance for misinterpretation and miscommunication. Sometimes, being so straight forward stings a little bit, but it takes all the potential for even greater fuck ups completely away.

I’d take a stung ego over a bruised, black & blue ego any day.

Truthful communication is easier said than done though. People like to avoid straightforwardness because, for some dumbass reason, they think that personal honesty and truth somehow makes them vulnerable. But the only reason for one to think that is if they believe that communication is a game. A game in which their cards must be held tightly to their chest to prevent the other party from gaining the advantage. A game in which one wins and the other loses.

As far as the show Insecure is concerned, that’s exactly what Issa and Lawrence have found themselves engaged in: a game. Both are determined to get what they want without revealing any vulnerability. Which is stupid as fuck because we are all human and we are all vulnerable in some way. And though they may never admit to it, they have shown that they are more worried about saving face than being with the person they love. I’m beginning to think we all are like that at that age.

It’s clear they both love each other though.

Issa feels like shit for cheating on Lawrence, but can’t let him know how sorry she is for what she did. Instead, she’d rather manipulate him into going after her and him pretending like she didn’t fuck the shit out of Daniel.

Lawrence loves Issa as well, but doesn’t wanna do something as “fuckboyish” as go back to the woman that cheated on him, so he continues wasting time and energy with a person he really doesn’t love.

As result, you have two, not-so-grown ass adults that refuse to give into each other and are bound to lose each other permanently if they don’t cut the shit.

But the person in the middle of all this fuck shit is Tasha.

Observing early reactions to her on Twitter and other social media, it’s been easy as fuck for a lot of people to generalize her as a man-thirsty THOT that goes around stealing men by wearing revealing ass clothing. Yet Tasha hasn’t done any of that.

She didn’t steal Lawrence. Lawrence made a grown man decision to smash.

She isn’t a hoe. Having a shapely body, some tattoos, and a nipple piercing doesn’t mean she is less deserving of respect.

Who Tasha is is simply a woman that was checkin’ for Lawrence despite all the “flaws” he had. And because she was able to look past what was wrong with him, she was able to find a bit of happiness in his presence – even though his presence was limited to Netflix, weekend visitations, and the occasional fuck.

And while Tasha may be a little gullible in her perceptions, it is clear that she didn’t intend for herself to be some kind of cum depository when Lawrence admits his sexploitation of Issa. Which is unfortunate in both Insecure’s universe and our universe as the consumers of this show. Tasha is simply not taken seriously. And the reason she isn’t taken seriously in either universe is wrong on so many levels. Wrong because so many of the women watching the show are just like Tasha at least partially in their own little way. And Wrong because so many of the men watching show use women like Tasha to regain their balance when they’ve been knocked off their egotistical pedestal.

Hurt people hurt people. And chunks of Tasha is being used as an emotional band-aid for Lawrence while Issa fantasizes about it. The result is a hot damn mess waiting to fester and stink up the joint.

The show is just a show, however. So we may not even see the characterization of the long-term damage that is done to Tasha because of the chess game these two are playing.  After all, Tasha needs love too – and not just after hours on weekends.


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