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Black with a capital “B”

  I’m not a Grammar Nazi. I used to be. I used to talk big shit about how people incorrectly used language and punctuation, but all it did was make me look like a steaming pile of English shit because 1) I’m not perfect at it my damn self and …

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Stop Treating Black Business Like A Plan B

  Sometimes, I log-in to Facebook JUST to see what everyone is mad about. It’s like a daily occurrence. Someone or something pisses off one person and that person shares the incident…leading others to share it…and next thing you know you got a new thing to be outraged about. It’s …

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Make America Aiight Again

Waking up to CNN notifications that 50+ were killed and over 200 injured (now well over 500) was a mindfuck if I ever had one.  It may be politically incorrect for me to call this man crazy, but I don’t know how else to describe a motherfucker shooting at random …

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Simon Says Boycott

From the very beginning, I thought boycotting the NFL was pointless. I still do. And I plan to tune in to watch the Chicago Bears get their asses kicked all over the field by whichever team they just so happen to be playing on any given Sunday. The fact of …

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Are We Fighting For The Same Thing?

  May this be the realest shit I ever wrote…for now. And though it will be painful and ache in the joints of my fingers and thumbs as I attempt to transcribe my every thought from my heart to my head to this very blog post, I’ll write it anyway …

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Is the Statue of Liberty invited to the cookout?

Patriotism isn’t binary. It isn’t this blissful feeling that is an experience of complete blindness to flaws, history, and present-day wrong doings of our fellow Americans. Patriotism is about love of country. And love of country is recognizing the ugliness in your country and wanting to fix the hell outta …

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