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Is the Statue of Liberty invited to the cookout?

Patriotism isn’t binary. It isn’t this blissful feeling that is an experience of complete blindness to flaws, history, and present-day wrong doings of our fellow Americans. Patriotism is about love of country. And love of country is recognizing the ugliness in your country and wanting to fix the hell outta that shit.

July 4th is a celebration of that love, but of course, every 4th of July is an opportune time for people to complain about America and its checkered as fuck past and quite frankly, I’m about tired of hearing it.

I know what’s wrong with America. I spend many days working toward a solution to America’s fuckedupness.

If I truly felt like America could not be fixed or if I didn’t love my country, then I’d be on the first thing smokin’ out of this MFer. Just like immigrants leave their countries all the time to come to America for a better way of life, I could do the same exact thing. But I don’t, because as much as I dislike America’s slave past, racist present, and uncertain future. There is plenty to adore about America the beautiful.

I was told that the 4th is a reminder of rape, colonization, oppression, murder, etc, etc. Which is fine, but for all those people that feel that way, it is YOUR choice to be reminded of those things on July 4th. Because to me, I think of the freedom to voice my opinion about what I dislike. I think of the fact that despite all that is placed in my way to prevent me from succeeding in America, I still very much can and have. I think of the safety my family and I enjoy. I think of all the great fucking shit American culture has produced.

Hell, Hip Hop, one of the things I love most in this world, could only have been incubated in a place like America. A place where we can take the most fucked up experience and turn it into something that is adored and commercially viable. Nobody is more patriotic than the oppressed peoples of this country.

I still don’t get it, though.

How is it possible for you to spend the last eight years gloating and beaming with pride over the First Family and the fact that your POTUS is Black? But then wanna hate America and chastise those that wanna celebrate Independence Day? Then turn around and wanna pop firecrackers and light sparklers with the kids? Nigga you are backward as well as inconsistent. Pick an emotion.

That’s like people that complain about how racist Facebook is…but then continue to use Facebook. Zuckerberg don’t got you cuffed to your Straight Talk phone. Nobody is forcing you to make him more money. If Facebook is so fucking racist, go tweet.

Nobody goes to your birthday party on your birthday and starts complaining about the negative things that go along with your sorry ass – though there is plenty to bring up. And if you choose not to celebrate a person’s birthday because of the negative things about them, you usually aren’t friends at all with that person – much less living with them and benefiting from everything a relationship with them provides.

So why you still claiming America?

I know why. It’s usually the people that can’t afford to BBQ or don’t have anyone that invited them to a BBQ in the first place or gotta get permission from their mama to BBQ because they’re staying at her house – so rather than go through all that, it’s easier to bitch and claim  you don’t celebrate the 4th.

Yet, I don’t see you giving that paid holiday money back with yo’ woke as fuck ass.

If America isn’t your place to be, then nothing is holding you captive here. You are free to go. Many have already done so. Even if you don’t want to go, all I ask is that you not ruin one of the few days that I sit with family and friends to laugh, joke, drink, and whup ass in Spades. Nobody wanna hear your sometimes-militant ass complaining because the fact of the matter is: nobody likes a complainer –  doesn’t matter what the fuck they’re complaining about.

Rarely do people celebrate a holiday and spend that time reflecting why they’re celebrating, to begin with. Usually, people are taking the time to spend it with family and friends and other people that they give a damn about. Tell me, what is the difference in how you spend Memorial Day or July 4th or Labor Day? You do the same shit with the same gawd damn people each one of those holidays. Nobody is reciting the Bill of Rights or any of that shit. People are simply just enjoying the down time.

Which is what you should be doing.

And even if you don’t want to do that, don’t bring your ass into everyone else’s space of good energy talking that shit. Misery loves company and I’m sorry, we already got enough people at the BBQ.

Besides, Lady Liberty is invited to my cookout.



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