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NAV & Metro Boomin: Perfect Timing

Metro Boomin is one of the hottest producers out right now, but not even Metro could cover up the massive mediocrity that oozes from NAV’s verses.

I mean, where do I start?

If it wasn’t the fact that it took me a while to get over the monotoned delivery that sounded like an autotuned WacArnold’s commercial, then it’s the fact that once I finally got used to the voice, I discovered that NAV loves to basically talk about doing drugs and having sex with women while doing drugs – and very rarely anything else.

In fact, I challenge you to find one damn song out of the whole album that doesn’t mention any type of drug or drug use what-so-ever. It was as if he lost a bet and was forced to disclose his various abuses of Molly and weed through out the album without fail.

Long story short: I suffered through my various listens of this album and just couldn’t get into it. Without Metro, it might have been a one star, but I will give it two.

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