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Money Mayweather Does NOT Represent Me


In 2002, Floyd Mayweather Jr. smashed the jaw of his daughter’s mother with a car door, then shoved her inside. Mayweather, a professional athlete, boxer no less, landed several hard ass punches to her face. For his bitchassness, Floyd was convicted of two counts of domestic violence. He got slapped on the wrist and told to never do it again only to absolutely do it again in Vegas.

A year later, in a club in Sin City, Floyd Mayweather threw hands with two women after he promised to never do it again and was later convicted of two counts of battery. At this point, it appears Floyd loved fighting sooooo much that he did it outside the ring…against women.

He’s so dedicated to the craft!

Over the years, Floyd accumulated a couple of battery charges, this time against men until he got into it with his the mother of his children again – only to be convicted and sentenced to a slap on the wrist for domestic battery – again. And I say all this to say that Floyd Mayweather is anything but perfect. He’s certainly not honorable. But of all things, he is not someone I’d considered representative of me or the entire Black Diaspora as a whole.

And honestly, there isn’t one individual holy enough or moral enough or perfect enough that I would choose to represent me, so this really isn’t to pick on Mayweather. But if I had a choice, it certainly wouldn’t be him. Not just because of the history of him not being able to keep his hands off women, but also the blatant materialism, cockiness, and the fact he can barely read the checks his millions are written on.

It’s why I’m confused as to how this fight had got such a political tone. It’s even been said that Floyd is fighting for all Black people. Some have even said that it’s important for him to win this fight with all that is happening in the world today regarding race and the fact that the free world is being run by the world’s tallest oompa loompa. I didn’t think I’d have to say this, but this isn’t Joe Louis beating Max Schmeling in their second bout also known as “The Fight of the Century.” This isn’t the Black America vs. Nazi Germany. And my life and Blackish ass certainly don’t hinge on this fight.

All this fight simply is is one of the greatest defensive boxers of all-time coming out of retirement to surpass Rocky Marciano’s record and doing it against one of the greatest MMA fighters in order to secure his own legacy while also salvaging boxing’s reputation. If anything, Mayweather was doing this for the sport – not Black people. That’s of course outside of the obvious 9 figure check they will deposit into his already overflowing bank account.

My own loving mother has been the victim of domestic violence that I’ve been unfortunate to see with my own eyes. So have many women around the world. I bought the fight to simply be entertained. I only saw it through the hue of a highly hyped boxing match. I did not – can not – see the fight as for some bigger cause because Floyd the individual and as a Black man does not fight for me. Nobody does. Especially not after they’ve built up a nice little criminal record consisting of battery against women. Not now. Not ever.

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