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Meek Mill: Wins & Losses

First things first, Meek Mill still rhymes like he writes in all caps lock. That’s just his flow. And while I personally can only listen to that kind of delivery in small doses, there are times when I feel a bit amped when I hear it. I must admit.

The next thing is: where was this Meek Mill at when Drake was dragging his all over the playground?

Some of the lyrics that Meek dropped on this joint are in line with some of his best shit. More importantly, it makes him relatable. This is where the disconnect between me and Meek’s music has been in the past. I just couldn’t find a portal for me to step into and reach that mutual clarity.

Wins & Losses makes me want to kind of feel bad and understand the headspace that Meek Mill is living with. For what it’s worth, Meek Mill is probably a real street dude with real street values that include loyalty and realness. And while trying to enforce that belief system in his attempted exposé of Drake, he ended up getting ran the fuck over by the Drake Machine in a clear cut loss.

Not only that, he was beefin’ with his peer while also dating a close associate of his adversary which only made the conflict that much more pressurized.  In the end, Nicki Minaj left Meek ( just like Drake predicted) and losses kept mounting.

This album is about him overcoming that and he does it by reminding himself that he has already beat the odds by getting signed and making music that people like.

It’s not Meeks best effort, but it’s a solid effort. And with better production and more creativity in the song process, this album could have been pretty good. Instead, it ended up being pretty average. Three mics from me.

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