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Make America Aiight Again

Waking up to CNN notifications that 50+ were killed and over 200 injured (now well over 500) was a mindfuck if I ever had one.  It may be politically incorrect for me to call this man crazy, but I don’t know how else to describe a motherfucker shooting at random people from 32 stories in the air regardless of what his grievance was.

Another mass shooting. By a white man. I want to be surprised as shit – but I’m not. At all.

A huge piece of me is eager to see how this clear act of domestic terrorism will be spun like a web outta Charlotte’s very own ass. White people simply don’t know how to be honest about their own white shit.

And by “white shit,” I don’t mean killing innocent people with weapons that clearly weren’t manufactured to hunt deer. That’s not a “white thing,” that’s a “crazy MFer thing.” I’m talking about “white shit” like blaming terrorist actions on entire religions and races except when that application boomerangs the fuck back at white people themselves.

While an event like this shit usually encourages people to post their corniest thoughts and prayers for the people of Las Vegas, we really wouldn’t be doing any justice to the families affected by this act of cowardice if we didn’t address some pretty large elephants in the room – and one of those elephant’s name is: Hypocrisy.

Now. I don’t expect that calling a spade a spade or turning the tables to reveal how fucked up white media can be is going to repair or undo past misdemeanors against my people. But if I don’t piss on any of the media’s modes of operation, then the real issue won’t ever be addressed. And that issue is this case is gun control.

Don’t get me wrong, I am firm believer in the right to bear arms and the right to bust a cap in somebody’s ass if they get froggy with your property or life or the life of someone else, but collecting firearms for your enjoyment doesn’t mean you should also have free access to the ammunition of those weapons.

How many Las Vegas concerts or Pulse nightclubs or Sandy Hook schools gotta be shot the fuck up by a MFer mad at life before we do something about this issue? How many times does it have to come from actions of white people before we simply realize that bad people do bad things?

I’m not the one in power. My people aren’t either. This kinda leaves the burden to rich, white men to realize the error of their ways – which I don’t plan on holding my breath for. To do so would mean to sacrifice their power and that shit is just not going to happen.

There was a time where America had her problems, but we were at least able to go the theater or enjoy a concert without being hurt or killed by some selfish wackjob. If you didn’t go looking for trouble, trouble never found you. Now? Anyone can be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Maybe this is just too much to ask?

America was never great.

But we can make America aiight again…

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