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Leave Bruno Mars Alone

Guys. Bruno Mars is not appropriating Black music.

Ever since he put on a helluva show for the BET Awards, I’ve been seeing whiny little posts up and down my Facebook timeline about his lack of Blackness and ridiculous assorted accusations of him appropriating R&B and Hip Hop.

I hate people.

I don’t know why it took an astronomical hatred of a talented entertainer for it to happen, but “Appropriate” has now officially joined the list of most overused words in the history of ever. It’s listed right under “woke” and “low-key.” Anway, as a refresher for those that have seemed to have forgotten what it means, “to appropriate” basically means to steal something. And I’m sorry, but Bruno Mars hasn’t stole  a gawd damn thing.

You cannot appropriate your personal experience, folks.

Bruno Mars was raised in a household in which Rock & Roll and R&B were normal experiences for him. It’s really no different than Eminem growing up in Detroit in the hood where Hip Hop and him expressing himself through the performance of it was the norm. Hell, growing up, Bruno probably listened to more R&B and other varieties of Black music than you did.

Bruno Mars is nothing like a random ass White girl like Iggy Azalea or Miley Cyrus simply adopting urban Black culture along their stampede through life then using it for personal gain. Don’t equate that dude to that.

He makes great music. He pays homage to those that created it before him. And he’s a seemingly good person.

I’m sick of MFers that don’t have a creative bone in their body – nor support such creativity – whining about what’s being stolen from them. And even if you are creative, you don’t bear the burden of being the only one to create it anyway.

You couldn’t hold a note, dance a two-step, or play an instrument not named a kazoo and yet you wanna lay claim and tell someone else to keep their hands off.

Nigga no. Shut up.

There are some non-Black people that know more about the culture they participate in than you as someone claiming it. And THAT is the tragedy here. Learn the difference between appropriating and appreciating. Non-Black people are allowed to appreciate Black shit. Point blank period. Stop whining because they happen to perform it better than you.

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