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DJ Khaled: Grateful

Since DJ Khaled’s son was born, Khaled has been notorious on social media for showering his son with love and attention in the form of traditional Hip Hop cultural fanfare and to be totally honest: it all has been quite dope…in an excessive, “Ok now, dude, time to chill TF out” kinda way. As a father myself, I can certainly relate to the feeling you have when you’re a new dad. And through those eyes, I can give a pass to DJ Khaled’s extraness with his son.

The fact of the matter is he’s simply thrilled.

Khaled is so thrilled about his new boy, he even gave his young son credit as an “Executive Producer” on his album Grateful. While most people might have assumed like I did that such credit was purely symbolic, I soon found out that Khaled actually employed his son’s infant influence in decisions on musical creativity.


According to DJ Khaled himself, he made adjustments based on his son making facial gestures and taking shits in his diaper. And while in any other situation this would be considered cute, admirable, and would earn all the warm & fuzzies anyone could handle, it also explains why the album took a great big shit like his son did.

I’m sure it will do ok commercially, which is great for his son, but creatively, it’s just not hittin’.  Now, if this was the early 2000s, the regurgitated beats with mediocre rhymes over them would have been super duper fiyah…

…but it’s 2017.

Ironically, this much mediocrity is unusual for a Khaled joint. I’m usually able to find several tracks that I can give much play to, but this album was quite barren – which is strange to be so many songs deep. So with that said, DJ Khaled, don’t you ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER  produce an album based on your son’s shitty diaper again. 2 half mics.

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