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First Name: K E N N E K A Last Name: J E N K I N S

Kenneka Jenkins.




Dead in a freezer. How in the hell did she get there? Nobody knows apparently.

The conclusion given by Rosemont police (a very white suburb of Chicago) was that she got so wasted, she unintentionally committed suicide by locking herself in a large industrial freezer and froze to death.

Well, fuck. I guess we can all go home now. Case closed.

Meanwhile, Natalee Holloway, a young, pretty white teen that’s been missing for over a decade is STILL making national headline news despite law enforcement not having much evidence, few leads, and no corpse (though, they just recently found human remains which are currently being tested for their identification).

To be clear, the last thing I wanna do is draw comparisons to either young woman’s death because neither of them deserved to die for whatever reason.  But it must be pointed out that the treatment of the circumstances surrounding their deaths is a million MFin’ miles apart.

America simply hates it when a white girl goes missing.  You get Amber Alerts out the ass. No stone is unturned. No shred of evidence is uninvestigated.

But Black girls? Black girls are typically responsible for their own deaths in America– which somehow makes their lives expendable. A Black girl is lucky if news on her death lasts the entire news cycle.

And I’ll be honest with you, I’m not a detective. Hell, someone stole an extra Ramon noodle sauce pack out of my Sam’s Club sized chicken Ramon Noodle box, and I still have yet to find the mothefucka that did it. But there’s not a gawd damn thing you can tell me that would have me believe that Kenneka walked her drunk ass all the way from a party on the 9th floor of a hotel into a deep freezer in the basement of that same damn hotel.

Tell me Santa Claus is real. Tell me pigs can fly if you give them a running start. But don’t tell me that Kenneka Jenkins took her own fucking life. Someone killed her purposely or negligently and I…WE…want you to find out who the fuck did it.

Now granted, there are a lot of existing theories as to what happened. I don’t plan to travel down the rabbit’s hole of trying to piece together events powered purely by assumption or shoulda/coulda/woulda’s. I just need for the media and the police and the people to give Kenneka the due diligence that should be given to anyone’s death.

Still though. There are so many questions that I have. Things that should raise a few eyebrows…even if they are drawn on.

Like, how was a highly intoxicated person able to make it all the way to the basement completely undetected and able to open a heavy ass freezer door that shouldn’t even be accessible to the general public? You telling me it’s that easy to steal drumsticks and hamburger meat from Crowne Plaza Hotel? Do you not have cameras? We know there is footage of her staggering in a lobby, but can we see footage of her climbing into the freezer on her own? Until then, I’m calling bullshit.

And where were her friends when all this was going down?

I’ve been drunk as a skunk before – but I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the presence of others who were also drunk, but still aware enough to let me know that I was too drunk and acting like an idiot. She was at a party. And she clearly knew people at the party. So how in the fuck did her friends let their drunk buddy venture downstairs unassisted and lock herself in a fucking freezer all by herself? That’s unless – her friends had something to do with all this. Hmmm.

And to the management at Crowne Plaza Hotel, someone fucking died IN your hotel. Why aren’t you more concerned about what happened to Kenneka? Shouldn’t you be at least alarmed for the safety of your guests? Shouldn’t you be going out of your gawd damn way to try to figure out what the hell happened? I mean, info shows that you initially didn’t want to show camera footage. And you even called the police on Kenneka’s family as they knocked on doors to try and get information about her whereabouts. You all trying to hide something?

Think about this: her body was found in an unused freezer in a construction area of the hotel. Coincidence? Or was someone completely aware that that part of the hotel doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic – thus, making it a “great” place to hide a dead Black woman? Fucking convenient, right? I mean, after all – a Facebook Live video at the party shows one of her “friends” who appears to be a hotel employee. So wtf?

But the one thing that hasn’t been mentioned by the police is the possibility of RAPE. Yep. The big bad scary word that nobody wants to discuss. Kenneka doesn’t have to exhibit visible scars and bruises to show that she was a victim of this. Why aren’t they talking about this?

These kinds of situations are the perfect storm for young women to be taken advantage of.

A hotel party. Lots of alcohol. The inability to give consent for sex. It is very possible someone saw her obvious vulnerability and took advantage of this then tossed her aside like yesterday’s trash. These are the kinds of questions that would have been turned inside out had the victim been some white girl from Schaumburg.

But no, she’s a young, Black woman from the westside of Chicago. And yeah, she died. But she probably did it to herself if you let the media and police tell it.

The fact of the matter is, if it weren’t for Kenneka’s family being so damned adamant about finding out what went wrong, Kenneka’s death would be swept under some fucking rug somewhere. And that’s what’s so terribly unfortunate about all this. When it comes to Black girls, nobody wants to say their name. Nobody wants to give their souls peace. Kenneka Jenkins died. She is was MURDERED to be precise. For the sake of her family. For the sake of Kenneka. We gotta find out what happened. THEN we gotta bring her killer(s) to justice.



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