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Ezekiel 18:20 – Don’t Blame Every Church For Joel Osteen’s Actions

Look. I didn’t want to give this dude any more media attention than he’s been already getting. He already makes so much money off of his congregation that he could put a town of strippers through school with one Sunday’s tithe. And quite frankly, I need not contribute to any more of his corruption.

Keyword. HIS.

Though I didn’t want to talk about this, I felt that it was my duty to use my platform to not only entertain as many blowjob offers as humanly possible, but also to defend – yes – defend the church and the people that truly mean well and want to do the right thing because they believe it is the Christian-like thing to do.

And yes. Many of you know that I do not do church – that I’d rather be strapped to a chair and forced to listen to Beyoncé on repeat rather than listen to a sermon. And in the past, I have been highly critical of religion in general. You know that I believe that many people use religion as a means to look down and mistreat other people. You know that I also believe that spirituality is a personal venture and shouldn’t involve lessons from people that are just as human as we are.  The point is: you are aware that my main in criticism of religion is that it is human based and therefore fallible.


Being human means a wide spectrum of things. It means that you get the full gamut of human personality and behavior whenever something is based on people. And knowing this, I know that even though Joel Osteen’s punk ass actions completely goes against everything he claims to teach, his actions and behavior are his and his alone.

Yes. He didn’t want to open the doors to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. We all know that that would have been the Christian thing to do. But fuck him, please remember that for every corrupt church that middle-fingers the very teachings they preach, there are just as many purely good churches and congregations within them that would give you the shirt right off their backs because it’s exactly what Jesus would do.

Remember. It was a church that was warm and welcoming to Dylan Roof’s psychotic ass. He even admitted in interviews with the police that he almost didn’t go through with his plan of mass murder because the church was “So nice to him (read more about that here).” Yet. Even after acknowledging their hospitality, he decided to push on with his devilish work.

All this does is prove what I’ve been saying all along: which is church is just a punk ass building. The people within the walls are still people. They aren’t special or supernatural or less prone to violence or wack ass behavior. Many people of the church are good because they are innately good and not because they are touched or in the presence of an all-seeing being that influences them with love to love.

Shit. If you can be good in church on your own account, then you can be good outside of church as well. And that’s really been my argument the whole time. You are who you are despite religion, not because of religion, which is why I gave up church a long time ago. When it comes to spirituality, I’m gonna do me because I can do good…or bad…all by myself.

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