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Are We Fighting For The Same Thing?


May this be the realest shit I ever wrote…for now. And though it will be painful and ache in the joints of my fingers and thumbs as I attempt to transcribe my every thought from my heart to my head to this very blog post, I’ll write it anyway because it must be written.

You see, I’ve wondered for a little while now if we’re all fighting for the same thing? As the war rages and the news media enumerate the casualties, the reflection of what’s been lost has lead to the discussion of strategy and dialogues that only fan the anger.

Outrage is the new drug in 2017.

It’s the quick pick me up. The high from being low. One cannot be at peace with who or where they are in the world without having something to be outraged to about. That is now apparent.

The truth is I’ve always known the answer to the question above. I alway knew if we were or were not fighting for the same damn thing. But it wasn’t until recent events when all I suspected became reality.

And with all the commentary and posts and comments and shares and tweets and retweets, I realize now that the reason I’ve been butting heads repeatedly with the same select few minds is that we are not fighting for the same thing. The fact of the matter is some you don’t want to end racism but instead, seek Black Supremacy. White people have been the privileged ones and in power – and now you believe it’s your turn to wield what they currently have.

Mourning for Heather Heyer does not make you any less Black. It doesn’t make you any less woke. It doesn’t make you anything but a human being that recognizes the ultimate sacrifice that was made by another human being in hopes that one-day racism and the system that has allowed it to flourish will be dismantled.

It’s extremely disturbing to find that many people are applauding Heather Heyer’s death like it was some kind of vindication for Black people OR downplaying it simply because she was a White woman.

If you believe that, your mind is just as fucked up and twisted as the person that stole her life.

Her life mattered and meant something just as much Sandra Bland’s did.

She was a person that spoke up about racism in America…and was backing up her talk by actively protesting it when she was murdered in cold blood by a twisted individual that was clearly empowered by an America made great again.

White people have died for civil rights in the past. And will continue to die for civil rights. And Heather’s death deserves to be mourned as much as any person of color that has died because of racism, privilege, and for the cause of ending American ignorance.

Her death in Charlottesville is not a damn asterisk. Do not allow her to death to be in vain.

Yet. Some people actually believe that placing her death on the same level as any Black person that’s been killed is really placing a White woman’s death above others.

How? Well, because White people already have the privilege of their deaths being treated differently than people of color, therefore the only logical thing is to strip them of that privilege to equal the playing field.

That logic is asinine. And not in line with the fight to end racism. It’s in line with the fight to create a different racial supremacy. A Black supremacy. And quite frankly, I’m far too advanced in my humanity to ever be down with that.

It’s a hypocrisy to say that all you want is for Black people to be treated and perceived as human too, only to turn around and deny a White woman her humanity because you believe her death somehow threatens your livelihood. It’s just absurd.

She was one of the allies you sought. Love her for that. Love her equally. Be appreciative that she cared and tried.

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